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Poweramp EQ compatibility with Micloud. Also add a way to exclude compilation tracks from Artist menu in player


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23 minutes ago, Guy said:

Poweramp Equalizer doesn't work with Mixcloud


Compilation tracks fill up my Artist menu where it makes it hard to browse for what I want to listen to.

If you have the AlbumArtist tag filled, use that list as it will not show Artists from compilation Albums (except when playing).

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For the EQ question, please post in the current EQ thread: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/20628-poweramp-equalizer-builds-897-898/ . Have you run the permissions DUMP command via ADB?

As @MotleyG  has said, to only see Album Artist names please use the Album Artist library category. Any tracks that do not have valid Album Artist tags will be shown under 'Unknown Artist'. Normally the songs level will still show Track Artist details under each title once you drill down that far, but you can override that in PA Settings > Library > Lists > 'Album Artist Labels for Album Artist Tracks'.


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