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How to split up albums with the same name

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Well you could simply use the 'Folders' library category to see each folder separately, just like you did in your previous player.

If you want to use the Artists / Albums categories though, you need to ensure that there is something to differentiate either the Album Title tag or the Album Artist tag, as any songs which 100% match for both of those tags will be grouped as a single album (that's the point).

For example, Shania Twain released three versions of her album called "Up!", with the tracks recorded in different musical styles - a pop version (red disc), a country version (green disc), and an Indian film music style (blue disc). The easiest solution would be to rename the Album Title tags as "Up! (Red)", "Up! (Green)" and "Up! (Blue)". You can do this song-by-song in Poweramp's own editor (long-press on the song title and tap Info/Tags, then Edit Tags), but it would be much quicker to use a batch tag editor.

If the difference is in the artist name (maybe two releases of their album, but one with a choir and the other with a symphony orchestra for example) you could change the Album Artist tags to indicate the accompanying musicians.

Or if it's just a second disc in the same overall package, you could simply use the Disc Number tag to arrange the tracks in the correct order.

Personally, in most cases, I'd go with annotating the Album Title appropriately though, easier to see in lists and also when playing the tracks.

For more info, including tips on batch tag editors, see: 


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