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Track 1 instead of final track...once album finishes playing


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Hi, anyone have any suggestions how the below can de done in the app? At present when you finish an album it goes back to the start (0:00) of the final track of the album. Other mp3 players go back to (0:00) of the first track of the album.

This means when you leave the app & go back into Poweramp next time you only need to press play to listen to that same album again from the start of track 1 instead of having to press buttons to go back & forth to get to track 1/start the album again from the beginning.

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Personally I tend to agree, I've never really liked the concept of pausing at the beginning of the final track of an album.

I've always felt PA should either pause at the end of the final track, or at the start of the next category (so pressing Play would commence playing the next category in order - e.g. start playing the next album by the same artist, or the next folder, etc). Or, as you say, go back to the start of the current album/folder/etc.

It has come up in a few threads, including:


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