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support for xspf and xml playlists

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@helloman123 interesting,  it expands the range of "locations" 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<playlist version="1" xmlns="http://xspf.org/ns/0/">
      <title>Windows Path</title>
      <title>Linux Path</title>
      <title>Relative Path</title>
      <title>External Example</title>

but as Wikipedia shows, 

"XSPF was created by an ad hoc working group that commenced activities in February 2004, achieved rough consensus on version 0 in April 2004, worked on implementations and fine tuning throughout summer and fall 2004, and declared the tuned version to be version 1 in January 2005.

XSPF is not a recommendation of any standards body besides the Xiph.Org Foundation"

so it is quite an old standard and has not grown in popularity. 

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I'm not sure how much help this would be, given Poweramp's database-driven model. PA currently matches songs for M3U Playlists solely by their unique filename and first-level containing folder combination, it doesn't retain any other codes or metadata in its database which would otherwise uniquely identify a track. All other path information gets discarded when the playlist is resolved, so as long as at least the first level of folder names matches, it's actually pretty robust now.

I guess if your embedded tagging is very accurate, it would be possible to use an XML format and cross-match with Title / Album / Artist tags, but a simple flat list of folder/filenames does work pretty well.

The nearest thing I could find to a spec for XSPF is https://www.xspf.org/xspf-v1.html , and that revolves around the same basic path/filename concept, with additional description fields available - but Poweramp ignores all that anyway, and uses metadata from the audio file.


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