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Display Composer for song/music being played

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Hi there,

Can we have the ability to customise the fields to be displayed while a song is being played? Currently, it's Title and Album. As I listen to mostly classical music, Composer would be a field that would be useful for people like me.



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This one has been on a number of people's wishlists for a while.

My own suggestion was to have a simple editable formatting string for both the upper and lower text lines. For example the current top line would be defined as "%title%" (or "%track%. %title%" if you have the track# prefix enabled) while the lower line would be shown as "%artist% - %album%". These two items could be modified via the List Options screen for each category's song list, so you could have a different text arrangement for Folders, Albums,  Genres, Years, Playlists, etc.

That's just my idea anyway, and I think it ought to be fairly easy to program (says me, glibly making more work for Max - sorry!) with just a little bit of added logic to control the behaviour where there are omitted tags - such as using square brackets to miss out literal characters if they are not needed, e.g. "[%track%. ]%title%" , so if a track number does not exist it would only show the Title and not an unnecessary separator dot on its own.


[Re-edited for clarity]

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