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Couple of things for Android Auto

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I'm currently running version 905 of PA, and great news for the tabbed view in Android Auto!

I think, though, that the Android Auto experience can be revised as following:

1) If I get this correctly, Poweramp shows 4 tabs: Library, Playlist, Album and Folders hierarchy. Which is great, it takes all the 4 available slots but:

  • There will be rendundancy between elements in library view and tabs indicators so, e.g. if I choose to show playlists in library view, I'll get a tab and a tile for it
  • Removing one item from library view will also remove the tab

So I think that 

  1. Tabs should be user-configurable
  2. Poweramp should avoid showing an item in library view if it's shown as a tab

2) Action buttons in playback view do not take advantage of all the slots available. A total of 9 actions can be configured on Android Auto (one of which shows the secondary actions) and right now PA shows 5 primary actions and 2 secondary actions. Allow me to suggest some actions that can be ported to Android Auto:

  1. Fast forward-Fast rewind
  2. Buttons for like/dislike
  3. Button to add a bookmark

I don't know if those are technically possible:

  1. Button to add to a playlist: once pressed it will bring up the list of playlists for adding the track and destroys view afterward
  2. Button to go to artist: similar to number but goes to artist view
  3. Button to go to album: as above



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Yes, definalty need a button on Android Auto you can click to like a song, or ability to press a button to quickly add a song to like to a playlist, so many times a good song comes on, and I have to open the app on the phone to add it to a playlist this feature would be amazing.


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By design (and by requirement) Android Auto interface elements are meant to be extremely simplistic. You should not be performing tasks such as adding items to playlists or doing other list maintenance operations (even looking at a list of songs to be honest) while driving. 

That said, I believe there are plans to allow users to customise the buttons included in the AA interface. There can be up to eight in total I believe, of which there are six provided at present.


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