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Minimum volume too loud


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Hello, I'm new to Poweramp and I need some suggestion

I'd like to lower the minimum volume of a track I'm listening (in my phone its too loud)

I've seen that in the eq section there is a preamp slide, but it goes down only to -12dB and its not enough.

Than there is the volume knob, but using the phone buttons to get to the mimum volume I can go as far as 6%.

If I try to manually lower the volume from the knob and make it lower than 6% it goes mute.

Is there any other solution to this?


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Try using the volume stepping feature, Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks > Volume Levels. Set it to something like 100, and that should give you ample adjustment room.

If that's not enough, use Settings > Audio > Replay Gain. If the track already has RG data you might find that simply turning the mode on does the trick (RG usually reduces rather than increases levels), or if not you can turn the preamp knob for non-RG tracks down a bit.


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