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Good morning, I have Samsung galaxy m30, I was using it with stock rom, 1ui android 10. I was getting hi res output but due to not getting firmware update, I flashed costume unofficial lineage 18.1 based on android 11, Poweramp working well but not outputting Hi-Res, if I select it, it goes back to opensl ES. Aaudio work. I use Bluetooth headphone. 

On a side note, on the equalizer band settings page, what does first frequency and last frequency do? Should they be set high or low? 

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First/Last EQ frequencies just changes the range of sliders used, allowing you to choose the lowest frequency band that you can adjust, and the highest band. You can also change how many sliders are shown in between those top and bottom bands. This is only available if you have Custom Bands enabled.

High-Res output depends on what the firmware supports, not just the hardware. It's worth trying to Resort Defaults in PA Settings > Audio > Outputs, and to check the Audio Outputs Detection Log, but this may be something you need to take up with the ROM developer.


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