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EQ keeps turning itself off


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Coming here from reddit.

First of all, i just want to say, I love the app. Bought years ago. Would buy it again if i could.

I've been having an issue with the EQ always being off. It's just a matter of opening the EQ tab and hitting the button, but it's getting annoying to always have to do that. 

I have set a custom EQ and assigned it to a couple of output devices. It loads up the right profile automatically but doesn't activate the actual EQ. This is the case nearly 100% of the time I open the app

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Thanks for your help.

I just tried what you suggested. Deleted. Created new. Made sure the EQ was on before saving. Applied as default to a few outputs. Saved. Closed the app, opened it again. EQ off.

Is there something wrong with my process? I don't know if you can tell what I was doing from the two images I'm attaching



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Which output is the problem occurring with? Don't forget you can also apply presets to folders, albums, songs, etc so one of those might be overriding.

Also, there is an option to disable Equaliser and Tone individually, set per specific output method. See PA Settings > Audio > Output > (mode) > Tap relevant settings cogwheel > No Equ/Tone. 


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You know, that may have been it. I was checking all those and the eq was disabled for at least one of the outputs. 

It seems to be behaving like expected. No idea when i might have ticked that. Had been mostly using Poweramp with wireless headphones and just recently back with wired. Might not have been being triggered until my use habits changed.


Thanks for your help. This list seems to be in the wrong category now—not a bug

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