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Poweramp RAM usage 2021

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Do you guys still think that Poweramp need to free up its album art cache even while using the app.

Its really annoying having 8GB RAM in my phone and Poweramp still takes time to load the album art every time I scroll the all songs list.

While I scroll to the bottom of the all songs list I can see the album art loading its ok but while I scroll back top I can see the default image insted of the album art image which just got loaded few seconds ago. 

This process of freeing the cache can help low end phones which got released few years ago but I am having ROG phone 3 with 8 GB of RAM , It and most of the recently launched smartphones are capable of handling it .

I know it will take lot of battery and memory but smartphones have evolved a lot most of the cheap phones with high ram configurations are capable of handing it.

So please consider to provide an option to keep all the album art in the memory without while using the app without freeing up the cache in RAM.

(A toggle switch to turn on or off high or low RAM usage will be better)


Please bring this update as quick as possible. I hope you guys do can do it .

note: I am using Poweramp build 893  playstore version

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Poweramp does cache cover images after they are first viewed when you open a new category list - so once they've been viewed, you can scroll up and down without the images needing to be re-loaded while you are in the same list. However there is bound to be a limit as to how many are stored at once - I'm not sure if it's a quantity though, or related to memory allocation. A folder with 500 or so normal-sized images seems fine when I tested it - but if you've got several thousand in a long list - such as All Songs - then they probably can't all be cached at once.

That said, as long as you are not excessive with the size of images embedded in your files (most of mine are around 1000x1000 JPEGs, at 100-300Kb or so) then they do load very quickly anyway; the lag to load an entire new screenful of 15+ images is less than a second when you scroll down, and it's almost instantaneous if you view larger thumbnails.


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RAM is wasted unless used. OS tries to use memory as much as possible (any modern OS - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android). Recent devices with 4-6-8+ Gb of RAM allows multiple Gbs for the app and apps use that. Apps on Android can free mem if needed by other apps (e.g. Poweramp frees the image cache). So this is how it works and we can't change it (without rooting and limiting app e.g. to 256mb or some other arbitrary number).

Poweramp can use a lot of mem if allowed by system for the image cache - you can enable very high resolution images, each taking, for example, 8mb or more. But this is freed as soon as Android asks (on device with 8Gb this only happens e.g. if you start multiple games and multiple different browsers + like 10 more apps).

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I think the point is more that apps shouldn't hog large amounts of memory unnecessarily, and they should release anything they don't really need if Android requests it. And I guess caching 10,000+ images just for All Songs thumbnails could be classed as unnecessary.


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