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Using more than one images in mp3 files


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i realized that there could be more than one image in an mp3 files. With "eyeD3" (a command line tool for linux) i can add images with


--add-image file.jpg:TYPE:DESCRIPTION

type can be "FRONT_COVER" or "ARTIST" (and other). As long as the descriptions are different i can add as much images i want.

Lets say i add an album cover and an artist cover. Can Poweramp use both images? the artist cover in the artist view and the album cover in the view where i see all albums of an artist? I tested that but Poweramp is using the album cover of the first album in all views.

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No, Poweramp only stores one image from metadata, even if more than one exists in the file. Generally, the last one found in the file is used.

Artist images (and composer, etc) are either sourced automatically online, or manually chosen by the user.


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