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Could you add the ability to make the album art full resolution on the lock screen? Also allow to choose what the cover of the artist/genre/etc... is


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For example, the v30 is 1440 by 2880. Most of my albums have a range of 2500x2500 to one being 7000x7000 cover (someone found the raw album cover of Tame Impala's Lonerism and the png version is 75mb (0o0)), so it would be really cool to turn on my phone and be greated by an ultra HD album cover! Probably take a crap ton of ram though lol. Also, when the albums are sorted in certain categories, can you allow us to chose which image/album cover is shown. Ex: IN artist I can make the cover shown been a specific album in the bands file. Either way, much appreciated for the app. Made my lg v30 the PERFECT music player. All for 100 bucks too, FUCKEN MENTAL. Def one of the best purchases I have EVER made

Version 6 3000.jpg

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What is displayed on the lockscreen is largely down to Android, not an individual app.

However in general terms it's worth noting that even a perfect 20/20 human eye can't resolve anything much beyond about 300ppi at phone-use distances. The V30 has a screen ppi of 537...

There are also physical limits to both embedded and in-folder images:

In my own library I have a few cover images as large as 1500x1500, and a few are in excess of 2MB, but I consider those to be excessive. Most of my cover images are 1000x1000 and around 100-200kB. Reading of in-folder images is limited to 4MB by the way.

As to your second point, yes you can choose your own image for every artist in your Artists list if you don't like the auto-downloaded pictures. Long-press on the name in the Artists view and select Image. Then you can choose from online-sourced images, or pick your own via the Gallery if you have already downloaded your own.


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