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Poweramp stutters like crazy over bt on new emui update


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Hello, ever since I've updated to new emui on my p30 pro I'm experiencing stuttering issues on Poweramp. It's difficult to pinpoint to what is actually going on since I have no issues on any other player, like aimp and Deezer. The buds are working correctly but on Poweramp there is this wierd problem where when I reconnect the headset (Huawei freebuds pro) it works ok but when I pause the Poweramp and resume audio starts to stutter. Also this only happens on the exact model, I have another by earbuds and they don't have the issue I've described. I've also tried another pair of the same model that I own and it was the same thing. So there is some problem between Poweramp and freebuds pro. Could you investigate please? I'm using the latest version. Even today's update did not help. 901004-4bf9488

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What Output settings are you using? Might be worth increasing the buffer and reducing the frequency (if you are using a high res connection). Also, if you ae using DVC please make sure BT Absolute Volume is disabled in your device's Android Settings > Developer Options 


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