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Declutter lists?


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yes I was wondering how do you decutter ur music. My looks kind of sloppy and all my music is bunch up together I can't tell where my list begins or ends?

On lock screen on the nave bar where it shows wat track is playing how do u brighten it up so I can see the buttons outside.

Some how I lost my album art & I can't get numbers of tracks to show up. 

Any suggestions. I really love this amp despite the problems I'm having i just can't remember how to get my stuff back to the way it was.

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Not sure what you mean by your music "looks kind of sloppy and bunched up together". In what way, in the library views maybe? There are lots of Categories you can use to view your music organised in different ways - by Folders and files, or by Artists, Albums, Genres, etc. Those assume that your music is neatly 'tagged' with the correct data in the first place of course. You can change the sort ordering and the size of the view by using the three-dots menu button and selecting 'List Options' (or change the zoom size by pinching/expanding with your fingers).

The Lock Screen is controlled by Android, not Poweramp, although you can request that Poweramp's player screen is used instead of your device's normal lockscreen if you wish (via PA Settings > Lock Screen).

Track Numbers can be enabled, configured or disabled using PA Settings > Library > Lists > Show Track Number.

Album covers are normally picked up from embedded data within your music files, but PA can also search the internet for suitable images. That mode is enabled in PA Settings > Album Art. Or you can even choose your own images by long-pressing on the song and choosing 'Album Art'.


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