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External DAC hardware volume control


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I recently bought an Apple USB-c to jack adapter and the volume coming from it is terribly low even when my phone's volume is maxed. So I found out people have been requesting hardware volume control for USB dacs for years already because UAPP has it, but PA still does not?

Come on it's 2021 and the majority of flagship phones come without an audio jack. By now this is a must-have feature.



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Google implemented it already last year just the app needs to access it surprisingly works with my galaxy s10 even with android 11 through another player than supports it

Link: https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/google-modules/aoc/+/32b45e2e08bcb3b6306ec9796d1f50ef44d0d514


Xda news:



Would love to see max implementing it, it also sticks for systemwide till the external dac / dongle plugged again and re initiate the connection,

the max vol/voltage of apple dongle in android for some reasons initates at 0.5v -16db in android was able to set to 1v output 0 db as it's intended to be like in iphone or windows machine 

Thanks in advance 

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