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Aktivation issue on Headunit with V3 - 893

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yesterday evening my friend reported me -

He let  his ignition key over night and the following day in aktivation position and let the Headunit on over night and day and

the other Night using the home wlan to let the Headunit be on Internet for all the time.

Poweramp reported aktivation succesful and licence stored.

On Tuesday he drove to work with the car and V3 worked fine (shows still aktivated) - without Internet conection

because of the lag of lte or 4g in our area. At home this evening he reconnected to the home Wlan.

On wednesday morning V3 worked fine but as he get in the car after work and turn the Headunit on this happend :

The V3 starts very slowly and plays not the song that he heard last at the morning - it plays the first song of a random folder

(he has 7 folders with Music) and repeat that song after its finished.

And after he looks on the Activation Status it shows aktivation falied.

It is the same behavior that on my Headunit.

Lets resume :

Let the Unit on for 48 Hours - ok

Check the Aktivation Status after 48 Hours - ok

Try differnt Cabal connections on car (all time power on my car and Ignition power on my friends Car) - ok

Setting the V3 not on Random Play - ok

Result - The aktivation faild after more of 48 hours on both Units - the free Version works without issus on his device

(i tried that not on my car with free Version - i tought that the behavior with the random play is normal in the free Version but

as i see its not).

Believe it or not - the aktivation Process faild on both Headunits with different Versions of Android (my 5.0.1 his 6) and differnt

roms and differnet manufactures of the Headunit.

It could be that the handeling of shutdown is the answer, it could be that the changes in roms from normal smartphones to

headunits is the answer and it could be that V3 is developd for smartphones is the answer too !but! the solution is as i said

befor is a Version with a different aktivation (eg. Install unsing a aktivation code number) or no aktivation at all.

As these Headunits (aftermarked) comes from china its no telling that difference in programming in those devices is

different from smartphones and i think that no other workaround and setting would make a differn


My Question now is :

Is it possible to get a Version V3 with full features and with no aktivation needed to test over 2 or 3 Months to asure

that problem dosent shows of after a longer period ?

I would gladly try this out.


If not - i will dump my hope of a  working V3 and you can close this posting.








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This still all points to sometimes your headunits are not allowing Poweramp to save its status correctly on shutdown. It might be worth getting a log file (PA Settings > Get Support > Send Log) as soon as you notice this issue has occurred during powerup; that might tell Max what PA saw when it loaded. Unfortunately, there's  no way to get a log of the shutdown process, as by definition the device is shut down and cannot report its status.


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Headunits often use own non standard shutdown intent for some reason. Poweramp has “shutdown intent” option just for that. (You can usually get the intent from the headunit support forums).

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Ok i could be the shutdown but :

1. as you wrote i can not get a log

2. both Headunits (my : Erisin, my Freinds : xtron) are to old and

    in the support forums for that two models there is no intent to find.

    By the way - i dont have programming skills in Android and can not change any of code.

    The only thing i have control over is that shutdowntime that i already set at his highest level.

And again :

Now (that was install by my friends Unit) that i have figured out that the test Version work fine

and dont have that issue why it is not possible to get a Version without Onlinecheck ?

That would the easiest Way to solve the Problem.





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It would be entirely up to Max whether he wants to spend the time and effort programming a special unlicensed version of Poweramp for such cases, which are the fault of the headunit rather than the app. And of course it would be a one-off, it would not update when new versions of PA are released.

If you can ask in a support forum for this particular device, then all you need to do is enter whatever shutdown intent string the device uses into PA's settings screen (it won't be very long, perhaps 4-6 words separated by dots). 


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@resto you don't need to change any code - just enter the intent (often looking like cn.nihao.action.SHUTDOWN instead of android.intent.action.SHUTDOWN) into "Shutdown intent" Poweramp option. Usually can be googled by "shutdown intent YOUR HEADUNIT NAME".

Poweramp supports like 5-6 of these, but it looks like each headunit model/firmware (again for unknown reason) changes the intent name, so this is why Shutdown Intent option is there.

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on google its not possible to find shutdown intent for the old Erisin Model with 5.0.1 and also not

to find for the old xtron from my friend. I tired that (the Erisin Fiat Bravo 5.0.1 Headunit is very very rare on

the Market because is was one of the first Headunit from Erisin)

These Modes are both to old - only on oktacore Models it to find but these are very different.

I posted a question for the intent in a Erisin forum on saturday and dont have get a answer till now.


But - if every Rom or Headunit Model have every time after firmwareupdate or Modelchange have

differnt namesof Intend or different numbers of intent - you know what now comes - would it be

not easyer to make a Version V3 without online checking (it would work on all without the Intent need

to know) - even as you say, with no possiblity to update to V3 newest Versions ? I would rather get no updates

than have to stay with V2.

I would be a a Version for special Cases thta only comes at hand if not other solution would work or for

Units that are offline all the time.

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@resto regarding shutdown intent for some old firmwares - it’s also possible to analyze e.g. stock music app apk which probably supports that custom intent, or other firmware code, but of course that require some skills - though just searching the classes.dex for “shutdown” may reveal it.

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