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Audio skips

Dixith k

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@maxmp greetings, you have done wonderful job by developing poweamp and its equalizer build 890, am a premium user of this applications since it's relasese..recently i found one problem while using Poweramp player with Poweramp equalizer build 890 i noticed severe audio skips while playing audio i disabled dvc and enabled dvc but no progress, combination of this both apps sound output quality has improved dramatically..please eliminate this minor error..thank you

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Please do not try to use two equalizers at the same time. The external EQ app is designed to work with other apps, and while it can be made to work with the main PA player too, you would be best to just use the existing built-in version. Turning off all of the built-in EQ/Tone/etc features in the main PA app might help if you only want to use the stand-alone app settings.


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