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Album Artwork now matching using Album Artist tag (PA build 889+)


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Yeah I'm basically using a multiple Artworks in most albums as well as multiple split artists in those albums. 

Anyways I found a way to trick Poweramp. It was displaying one particular artwork that was split as the cover, so i placed that band 1_ band 3 - album.jpg for the one it was displaying in poweramps album_art folder and that did the trick. 

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On 3/18/2021 at 7:50 PM, andrewilley said:


The best solution of all is to embed the correct artwork in the first place of course - which I also did during my OCD tagging days (www.albumartexchange.com was my best friend)

I agree with the tagging concept. A little work on a library over a weekend or couple of evenings can solve a lot of issues long term. Even now I find the odd typo or capitalization miss. But they are few and far between for me now.

And +1 on albumartexchange. The site doesn't have every album cover I needed. But for the majority it did, and the quality is unbeatable from any other source.

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