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Hi-Res defaults to 16/48 when using TRS connection + more


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First off, sorry for a bit of a duplicate post here, I've just been doing testing and realized the hi-res request thread isn't quite correct since it is already enabled on my device.

So I've been throwing everything I can at Poweramp since I'm more or less new to audio stuff and been having fun. I've noticed that some devices, when plugged into my phone, will give 16/48 for hi-res output, while others won't. Additionally, when using my Schiit modi with an OTG adapter, I'm also getting 16/48 when the device is capable of 24/192. However, my devices with TRRS connectors are defaulting to 24/384 with ease.

As mentioned in the post linked above, if I'm very quick when the device starts, and I don't let the screen sleep as everything loads, then all connections can recognize the max outputs. Tonight, I plan to use an old 3.5mm dongle I have lying around to see how that impacts things as well.

Here's a quick listing of a few devices I've tested and the default outputs that are getting reported:

  • 3.5mm connectors:
    • KSC75 - TRS - 16/48
    • HD6XX - TRS - 16/48
    • Sony MH750 - TRRS - 24/384
    • KPH30i - TRRS - 24/384
  • USB-C connectors
    • Schiit Modi - USB C to A adapter - 16/48
    • Pixel Wired Headphones - UBS C - 24/384


EDIT: Okay, so I made it home to do some more testing. My 3.5mm dongle does register as 24/384, regardless of which headphones are plugged in. To make matters even more confusing, I got a TRRS to TRS adapter and when using it, I get 24/384 immediately.

Default Bug Report:

  • Poweramp build number: 900-arm64-play [900004-203dc5be]
  • Device: Sony Xperia 5ii
  • Android Version: 11
  • your custom ROM name/version: Stock
  • Plug in any TRS device and the output will display as 16/48. Plug in any TRRS device and the output will display as 24/384.


P.S. When I go to send a log, it opens my e-mail client with an empty e-mail. Would have sent one if I could.

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