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Deletes all .flac files in folder


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Build: 899

I have a "Flac" directory on my SD card, deleting a album flac file with embedded cue file causes PA to delete all flac files in folder. First time it happened I made the assumption that I had screwed up as I where tossing files back and forth, now it happened a second time and this time I'm sure that PA caused it.

Steps to replicate:

  • Folder category, go to your flac folder.
  • Long press on one of the virtual flac albums
  • Select delete
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I've just built a few test files to check this out, and I can confirm the same.

Deleting a 'pseudo-folder' that was generated via an embedded CUE sheet inside a FLAC file not only deletes the selected FLAC file, but it also all the other files in the same real folder on storage.



Testing this has also confirmed another issue I've noticed recently with build 899, which is that any Delete File or Save Tag operations are now taking an exceptionally long time to complete. I just timed it, and it took PA some 15+ seconds to delete a single file from my SD Card, whereas previously it would have been pretty much instant.

@maxmp I'll send you a logfile of the delete-FLAC-file operation carried out above, which illustrates both issues. 


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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Build 900 seems to have fixed the issue of taking 15+ seconds to edit-tags or delete a file.

I was experiencing the same long delay with file deletion in 899 that has been resolved in build 900. This was on both a LG G8 and iBasso DX160. Thanks for the quick fix @maxmp!

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