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Notification color and artwork fails to update on Android 11


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Longtime Poweramp user here and ever since upgrading to Android 11, I noticed this issue where the color and artwork of the notification fails to automatically update when a new song starts playing. Pausing the song from the notification and then resuming it does result in both color and artwork updating but until then it's just a drab background with no artwork at all.  

Attaching screenshots to show what it looks like at first and what it looks like after pausing and resuming. Please let me know what other information I can provide to fix this. 



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Forget to upload the second screenshot.
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I guess exporting your settings and sending them to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com may help with the issue investigation. Again, if this happens for the specific songs - please share for tests.

Also please note that if you have auto cover downloading and the cover is not there, image in notification may lag depending on the network conditions.

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Sorry to bump an old topic, but this bug still exists. The 'fix' that GDMFSOB posted is just selecting a different notification type without automatic color settings. 'Auto' and 'Media/Colorized' still don't update the notification color when a new track is started, this color is only updated when the track is paused and restarted, as identified by low-key.

Would be great to get this addressed, as this is the only annoyance I've found so far in an otherwise fantastic music player.

Just to add some clarification for the issue: all files have album art embedded, and the issue occurs with all files that I have tested it on (i.e. not specific to any particular files)

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