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Sort genre by lenguage

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Hello everyone.

I have a request for Poweramp app. It's based on sort a genre by lenguague meta tag field, because I listen to a lot of music in different lenguages. I configured my music files to show the genres in this way:  

  1. Japanese Pop
  2. Korean Pop
  3. English Pop
  4. Spanish Pop
  5. Portuguese Pop
  6. Italian Pop
  7. French Pop

These kind of genres works very well on any music player but are tedius to explore. I want to show the genre agrouped by the lenguague, for example something like that:  Pop -> English, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese... and then display the agrouped songs.

I changed the options on my computer using MusicBee to check this possibility and these  tweaks works very well but in my phone I don't have that possibilty. I hope this function is avaliable in the future because it's very useful feauture for large libraries music. 

PD: I attached a screenshot of my MusicBee library to check in a general way the genres displayed.


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As you are using the Genre tag to contain your language information, unfortunately there is no way within the tagging spec to 'sub-group' Genres. PA would display them in a long list, like you have shown above.

Two thoughts come to mind. One is perhaps at some point in the future, Max might consider adding the Language tag ('TLAN' in ID3 tagging) to the scanning process, and allowing sorting by that.

The other one is that you can have multiple genres in one file, separated with ";" or "//". You can even define your own individual separators in PA Settings > Library > Scanner. Thus you could could have Genre tags like "Ballad ; English",  "Jazz ; English",  "Ballad ; Arabic"  and "Rap ; Chinese". Any songs tagged that way would be shown under both of the headings (e.g. in "Ballad" and also in "English") when you drill down into the Genre category list.


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@andrewilley Hi Andrew. Thanks for respond this topic so fast. I hppe Max could consider this feauture in the future and about your second advice I have several genres seprated by semicolon nevertheless the list is still tedius to explore in large music library.

Maybe other way to organice the musical genres could be using the tag called agrupation. I've seen screenshots of music libraries with agrupation like  "World", "Classic" but I don't know if this tweak it's compatible or possible on Android.

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Any tag is possible to read - there are probably 100 or so in the official ID3 v2.4 spec for example - it's just whether it's worth while enough for the general userbase in order to justify the extra work. It's very unlikely that there would be any sort of subgrouping for Genre though, as doing so isn't even in the tag spec (ID3 or Vorbis as far as I'm aware).

I'm not aware of any official 'aggrupation' tag either. The software you saw might have either re-purposed an existing little-used tag (TCON maybe, which is now free-format text?) or created a customised tag using the TXXX format.

For more info on tags, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3 .


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I think Genre tags containing multiple split items is probably overall the best solution, as if you duplicate entries ("English Pop", "Chinese Pop", "Arabic Pop",  "Korean Pop", etc) you are going to end up with an unmanageable list.

A longer term solution would be if Max decides to implement the Language tag within the PA database and List Options sorting, but even if that does happen I suspect it won't be imminent.


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