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NYX Music Player is going to overtake Poweramp music Player

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43 minutes ago, Passionate Priyanshu said:

As add some new features such as Scheduler which works as Alarm clock , 3D , 8D , Streaming , Download or MAKING IT A VIDEO PLAYER AS WELL or Anything otherwise Other music Player like " NYX " will overtake your music Player in future updates.

I think most PA users would agree that a premium audio player is just that. No thanks to the Swiss Army knife idea.

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I'm really sorry. I'm not so able to insult you. I say Poweramp is already ahead in race but if you see NYX Music Player, it's emerging very fast. They also have made a telegram group where they disccuss the features to be added. And , I just mean to say that you have to know about your opponents as well. Sorry if I said something wrong.

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29 minutes ago, Passionate Priyanshu said:

I think saying sorry doesn't matter if I get a demerit Point.

Telling a forum admin to "shut up" because they don't know what they are talking about was probably never going to end well, but thank you for the apology.

Now, if you have any genuine and specific feature requests that fall within Poweramp's stated remit of being an Android music file player (not a Spotify streamer. video player, or even a music ripping/downloading application) please feel free to make them. However just saying that you wish Product X was more like Product Y is unhelpful, and at the end of the day perhaps you'd be better off just using Product Y?


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10 minutes ago, Passionate Priyanshu said:

 Poweramp has already a lot of features but try to add more as I said.

The latest release (build 899 on Thursday) included:

  • multiple Artists, Album Artists, Composers per track support
    • new Symbols to Split Multiple Artists option
      Applied to Album Artists as well
    • new Symbols to Split Multiple Composers option
    • new Show Unsplit Combined Categories option
  • Android Sharesheet is used for Send action
  • new Settings Font option
  • new Count As Played option
  • new Rounded option for Equalizer Screen Spectrum
  • new No Advance Category For Folders option
  • new Resume On Reopen option
  • new Keep Media Resume Notification option
    Android 11+.
    This option is disabled by default
  • spectrum (bars) visualizations are rendered in higher quality (screen resolution)
  • support for spectrum bar peaks visualization
  • new AAudio output
    Android 10+.
    On Samsungs, and MTK-based devices this output is Hi-Res capable on 3.5 output.
    On other devices, it's similar to OpenSL/AudioTrack output - Hi-Res capable only for the Bluetooth
  • replay gain support for CUEs
    Full Rescan required
  • CUEs with the only one track are ignored now
    Improves support for noncompliant EAC cuesheets with pregaps
  • new Walkman Lyrics Exception option in Preferred Lyrics App
  • Wavpack non-standard sample rates support
  • multiple tags are joined with ";" for FLAC, Vorbis, APE

I agree that MX Player is probably the best video/media player for Android by the way. However although recent releases now have the start of a music library concept, it's still not a high-end audio player.

Anyway, I think this thread has run its course so I'll close it now. You are welcome to open new threads for more specific Feature Requests - although I would recommend spending some time reading through existing posts first.


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