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Text alignment issue

Norman Lee

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I am using the default dark skin. 

I also don't know why my notification widget isn't changing with the album art cover despite turning it on the setting in Poweramp. 

If the song changes whilst the phone is locked the notification widget album art stops working. 

Please refer to my screenshots. Any help is much appreciated




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The Notification issue will be related to Android 11, there are several other threads discussing it.

Back to your original post though, have you tried changing the font style for that skin? Are you using a different font scaling size for the display in Android settings?


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Hi Andre,

Thanks for letting me know of this option.

It works as a decent substitute - however I still much prefer the original auto notification as it dynamically changes the widget background depending on the album art shown. 

I will use the media with custom cover for the time being, but am still looking for the fix to the main issue. 

Many thanks, 


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@Norman Lee thanks for the settings. Imported and running few tests - so far notifications are changing ok for manual track change either in player or in notification. 

Also the original post shows some track w/o album art. Build 901 adds some default (zap) image there instead of the void. 

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