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Resuming track playback within album


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I have several audiobooks which are broken into multiple tracks by chapter.  If I switch to a different book or album and then return to the first one, playback resumes at the beginning of the first track unless I remember which track I left off on and manually select it in which case it will resume at the point within that specific track where I left off.

Is there a setting that will allow me to resume album playback automatically at the point within the specific track where I previously left off?

I am aware of the "Store/Restore Per Track Progress" feature which works fine for audiobooks or albums that are a single track, but doesn't work for multiple track books or albums.

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There is a separate 'Per Track Progress' and 'List Position' memory facility in the List Options pages for both Folders and Playlists. These can be set individually for each folder (or playlist) so you'll need to enable both modes for each folder/playlist in which you want to keep the exact playback position stored. Then when you press the 'Play' button at the top of that folder/playlist, PA will resume playing where you last left off.


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This seems to be the exact setting that I need but I can't seem to find "List Position" anywhere in the settings. Can you please provide a little  more detail how to set this up so that per track progress only works on certain folders?


Thank you so much!

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