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When I listen to an entire album, the last track ends and playback stops. Now I want the first track of the album as the active track but still with stopped playback. So when I want to listen to the whole album again I just have to hit play. Currently the last track is the active track and that is not what I want. Is there a setting for this?

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Currently the only way to go back to the start of the current playback category is to use 'Repeat Category', but that will restart playback of the whole album again which does not seem to be what you want. The default method of playback is known as 'Advance Category', which would continue on to play the next album in order after the current one is finished.

Personally, I would agree that the current behaviour doesn't really fit with any particular usage situation. I think there are two logical places to place the stopped playback counter when a category finishes:

  1. Paused at the end of the final track (or waiting at the start of the first track of the next category) - so pressing Play would commence playing the next album in order (this fits with PA's general logic of what you would expect to happen during ongoing playback).
  2. Paused at the start of the first track in the category - so pressing Play would play the current album again (more akin to a CD player stopping after playing a CD).

@maxmp Perhaps this could be an option in Settings > Library > Lists, replacing the current behaviour which doesn't seem to make a lot of sense?


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If implemented, that would fit in nicely with a long standing request of mine to tidy up the wording for the Repeat button. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to explain what 'Advance Category' means to new users when all it really means is 'play all categories'.

My suggestion was to unify and simplify the Repeat icon wording to a more logical and user-friendly: Play One Song Play Category Play All | Repeat One Song | Repeat Category | Repeat All


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