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Poweramp player and Poweramp equalizer


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Hello, I’d like to understand the relationship between the two Android apps that I’ve bought on Google Play, Poweramp player and Poweramp Equalizer, because now I have two Poweramp Equalizers: one included in Poweramp Player and the other one as a separate app.

Can I use the separate equalizer simultaneously with the one included in the Poweramp player, so that I can sum up the effect of both?

Or do I need to disable one to make possible the other one to work?

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Poweramp is a music player with built-in equalizer, that equalizer works only for the music played in the Poweramp. 

Poweramp Equalizer is a separate equalizer app which works with other players, such as Spotify, YouTube Music.
Poweramp Equalizer doesn't work with Poweramp player by default (it's possible to enable that, but generally not recommended).

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