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Will taking out my SD card to add more music undo any in-app edits?


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Hey, I’m new to PA, and I’ve spent literally hour and hours organizing my entire music collection in the actual app and now I’m terrified that it will rescan after putting the SD card back in and all those changes will be lost. 

Is this a totally unfounded fear?  Or is there a specific way to prevent it from rescanning everything instead of just the new song?

EDIT: By edits I mean things like album title, genre, album art, etc.

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If the card details change (reformatted or new larger card for example) everything will be rescanned as new files. That will clear things like "Date Added" status.

Any tags (Title, Album, Artist, Genre, etc) that you edited using Poweramp's Info/Tags > Edit feature will be retained as those tags are saved directly back into the physical audio files and are thus permanent.

Ratings and Cover Artwork are not written back into audio files. Ratings are saved in PA's internal database and might be lost when files get re-scanned from scratch - however there are third-party apps such as New Playlist Manager that can back those up for you. Artwork is cached inside folders in /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ and should get re-applied to the 'new' audio files when they get rescanned, as long at the filenames and tags are still the same. You could back those folders up before starting if you you want though,


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Thanks so much for the fast reply!  And that's terrific news about those Info/Tags>Edit being permanent.  That takes a tremendous amount of pressure off, haha.  

One last question if you don't mind:  I'm going to remove the card, insert it into the reader and my computer, drag the new folders over that I'd like to add to my library, and re-insert the card back into my FiiO M11.  Will Poweramp detect those new folders when I open the app?  Or do I need to somehow scan only the new folders?  

Thanks again!

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