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Categorized by Album Artist but no Album Artist tag


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I'm new to Poweramp, just downloaded the free trial and am trying to decide whether or not to purchase the full version. I did a quick search of the forum and didn't see information about this but forgive me if it's already been discussed.

I'm looking to categorize my library by "Album Artist" as this is how I have things sorted out the way I like on my PC. In my PC software (MusicBee for reference) I have it set up so it is categorized by "album artist" but if there is no album artist tag, it will default to the "artist" tag. This is common on a lot of the music I have burned a years ago and the album artist would be the same as artist so I have not changed it.

With the default settings in Poweramp, it looks like if "Album Artist" does not exist it will just go to an "Unknown Artist" grouping even if "Artist" exists.

I've looked through the settings but haven't found anything. Is it possible to categorize by "album artist" but fall back on "artist" if it does not exist?

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No, at the moment if you have specifically chosen to view a list grouped by 'Album Artist' then if there is no such tag for a given song it will show as Unknown rather than falling back to using the simple Track Artist tag. Technically this would be correct behaviour given that the list is meant to show Album Artists, but I agree that in common usage a fall-back might be a useful option.

IMHO, the same ought to apply the other way round by the way. Take an example of a collection of classic TV Theme Tunes. Every individual track may not have a known individual artist name (lost in the mists of time) but there might be an overall Album Artist such as "BBC TV" or "Nickelodeon" which could be displayed instead.

I guess the simplest solution would be to make sure that if there isn't any overarching Album Artist for a song, just store the track artist's name in both tags instead. That's what I do anyway.  


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Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah I agree that sort of customization would be useful for the main categories in either case.

I was hoping to avoid going back and manually adding album artist for everything but for now it may be the best bet for completeness.

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