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Sort by title number : Bug with roman numerals in the track title ?


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Buil 893 on Android 11

I listen to classical music and therefore the track sequence is of utmoost importance.

In the Poweramp Options the sort order is 'Nach Titelnumer' (german) and normally it works fine. 


One album has roman numerals at the start of the track names and then Poweramp sorts the files according to the literal value of the numeral.

The problem shows in the tracks

IV. Basso solo e Coro. Largo 'Fac, ut ardeat cor meum' (Number 4)


 IX. Alto solo. Andante maestoso 'Inflammatus et accensus' (Number 9) which must be placed between 8 and 10)

See the attached screenshot of the files in Windows explorer vs. the directory view in Poweramp

I have an easy workaround because I always generate the track numbers at the begin of the filename with regard to the pretty dumb player in my car, so this is not a burning problem. If i order by filename everything works fine.


Nevertheless: This might be an interestimng corner case . In the world of classical music it is quite common to have numbers at the beginning of the track names and with arabic numbers everything works fine


Thanks for this grat product, BTW !!






Music in Windows Explorer.png


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Roman numerals in filenames would not be considered as numbering, they would be considered as a string of ASCII text letters and thus sorted alphabetically - so for example 'C' (roman for 100) would come before 'V' (roman for 5), in the same way that Cat comes before Van. I don't know of any common filename sorting processes which identifies roman numerals and treats them separately as numeric values - otherwise song titles like "I Don't Like Mondays" would get sorted as if they started with the numeric digit '1'.

Sounds like you have worked out the same solution that I would have suggested though, which is to precede any such occurrences with arabic digits (including leading zeros where necessary) as although they too are sorted by ASCII rules, the ASCII character set was designed to sort numbers in the sequence 0-9.

For library sorting within PA, I would suggest that unless you wish to do the same with adding arabic numeral prefixes to your Title tags too (which would look messy) you sort the view by Track# rather than Title. By the way, some of your Track# tags seem to be wrong:


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