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A troublesome MP3!


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I regularly make  MP3s out of CDs to play in my car, and around the house. In 99%, it's simply ripping the tracks from the CDs. then using MP3 Edit to tidy up the tags, adding the cover etc. These play on Poweramp exactly as intended.

Sometimes I compile my own CDs from purchased downloads, or YouTube etc, so I have want I want on the compilation.

Again, irrespective of the original source, once assembled and edited via MP3 Edit, the compilation still plays in perfectly the correct order.

Just occasionally, something odd happens, and the tracks don't play in the correct order. However, again by looking at everything closely, I can usually find the rogue issue!

However I currently have one problem.

It's a compilation I made from the following sources;

Tracks 1, 2 and 3 were three downloaded tracks I purchased as MP3s

Tracks 4 to 9 were CD tracks made available via YouTube. (A work with 4 movements,  followed by two separate non-related works.

When I download the single MP3 to my phone, it constantly 'sees' two CDs' worth - the first just containing Tracks 1-3, and the second containing 4-9.

I have cleared the Poweramp Cache, I have done a full rescan of the library, but nothing corrects it!

The composer's surname is heavily accented: Pejačević but I have always used the authentic spelling for all composers' names, with no problem.  

I think the CD is around 159 MB, so I don't suppose I can attach it? I could email it or use a third-party file-sharing platform.

Any help/ideas gratefully received.


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Hi, just to let you know I think I've solved my problem!

Reading some related posts, and the very helpful comments and advice offered, because I don't use the 'Album Artist' field, I didn't have it displayed.


When I did, I saw that the first three tracks, that had formed a @CD' on their own, had entries in the Album Artist field for each track, whereas, the other 6 tracks were blank. I deleted the Album Artis text from the three that had it, and the CD is now back, displayed as a single nine-track CD, which I had complied from various different sources.

I shall know in future!

Thanks if you did plan to advise me!

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You could upload just two tracks, that wouldn't be too big, no need to upload all 9.

It sounds like the Album Artist tag does not match though. For several tracks to be considered part of the same album, the tags for Album Title and Album Artist must match exactly. The Track Artist tag can vary though, to cope with 'multiple artist' collection albums where each track is by someone different.

[Edit: You replied as I was typing, seems like that was indeed the problem. I would generally suggest filling in the Album Artist tag correctly even if it's mostly going to be the same as the Artist one anyway]


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