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My first problem after more than 7 years using Poweramp. I am desperate.


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After more than 7 years using Poweramp, I am desperate because of this bug.

Sometimes after using the player for a few minutes, the album art in the notification drawer disappears.

I recently changed my phone to a Pixel 4a with Android 11. This didn't happen in my previous Sony XZ1C with Android 9.

This is extremely uncomfortable.



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Can confirm. Have a Pixel 4a with Android 11 and getting the exact same issue. Coming from a Samsung A8 on Android 9. Also the notification tray ignores the Colorized option in Poweramp. On my older Samsung it would be the nice graphic album art background, now it is a boring box with the album art in a small square like shown above. I realize this is likely a Google / Android 11 issue, but any help would be appreciated. This bug is super annoying after using Powermap for 3+ years without issue.

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