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Music found in folders but is not showing in Albums?


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Do the files have the correct embedded tags (metadata) to say that they are meant to be within albums? This will be shown on the player screen as Song Title / Artist name / Album name / etc.  You can also long-press on a song (or album art) and choose Info/Tags to see what is saved in the file. 


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tags = information about the song included in the mp3 file, such as Artist, Track Number, Album...

Please start by checking in Poweramp the information stored in the file, do this as Andre wrote: "long-press on a song (or album art) and choose Info/Tags to see what is saved in the file"

The assumption is that Album information is missing in the file, if this is the case, then you can probably add the tags with iTunes. You can right click (in Windows) on the album in iTunes, select "Album info" and that will open a window where you are able to modify the embedded tag information. After this you need to recopy the files to your device.

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2 hours ago, Noam said:

 , all i know is that they were downloaded to my Itune library as the rest of the folders .

Possibly my confusion here, but when you said "played through Folders but not showing in Albums" did you mean that you can see these songs inside the Poweramp Library's 'Folders' category, but not in its 'Albums' category (as below)?


Or did you mean you can see the song files in some other app (such as iTunes, or maybe a File Explorer app) but not in Poweramp's Library at all? If so, do do see any songs at all in Poweramp's Library views?

If you don't see anything in Poweramp, first check that the music files are actually stored on your local device rather just in the iTunes streaming cloud (look for them in a File Explorer app). Then go to Poweramp Settings > Library > Music Folders and make sure that the folder where your songs are saved is ticked in the directory list. You may need to Grant Access Permissions to your storage device (e.g. for an SD Card) before you can select the folders, especially on newer versions of Android. Please see this FAQ for more details: 


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