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Sleep Timer like Spotify's


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it will be great if Poweramp have this feature, to prevent our playlist of musics keep playing when we're fall asleep

and we can set the timer as needed, "custom" 










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Not quite sure what you are looking for that isn't already in Poweramp's existing Sleep Timer?

You can currently set the sleep timeout to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 120 minutes (so a few extra options over the list you quoted) and you also have the option to play the final track through to the end rather than just cutting out mid-song. Or, rather than using a timer, if you want it to just stop at the end of currently playing song, set the Playback/Repeat mode to 'Play Single Song'.


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@haddy Yes, there have been a few discussions lately about a gentle auto-fade as the sleep timer nears its end, and I definitely think that ought to be the standard behaviour - unless the 'Play Last Song to End' option is enabled of course, probably not a good idea to fade then.

I also favour an extra 'activity based' refresh option in the Sleep system, which could reset the counter upon any user actions. The idea being that you could then set the Sleep timer to automatically turn off (say) 15 minutes after you last interacted with your phone (so a track change, or even a simple tap on the volume button on your headset, would let PA know you are still awake and go back to having 15 minutes on the counter).


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I also would like an option in the Sleep Timer to be able to set the Poweramp screen to be Black+white in colour with a button in the corner of the screen to 'disable sleep timer mode'.


So the whole PA screen would be black+white which would visually indicate that it is actively in Sleep Timer mode.


I might compile all these recent ideas, Andre's and mine, into a new Sleep Timer topic.

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