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Poweramp Equalizer + YT Music + Bluetooth + Android 10 - wont't work

Sebastian Cadenas

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Hi to all!

I had a Oneplus 5 with android 10 and YouTube Music Premium and I use bluetooth to send the music to an integrated amplifier.  I installed Poweramp Equalizer. When on YT Music I go to Configuration and then Equalizer, it open Poweramp Equalizer App, but for some reason the preset equalizer modes do not work, neither on the bluetooth to the integrated amplifier, nor on the smartphone speakers. Is always the same tone. PA Equalizer is on a 30 days trial within premium features.

On the other hand I have the AIMP player and do not have any problem to equalize music files I have stored on the smartphone playing with bluetooth to the same amplifier.

I would like to equalize YouTube Music with Power Amp Equalizer but for some reason is not working.

I would appreciate any help.


Best regards!



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51 minutes ago, maxmp said:

YTM (recent builds) doesn't support equalization currently. It was bugged previously and Google disabled it completely now.

It will only work with the Advanced Player Tracking in Poweramp Equalizer.

Upvote here: https://support.google.com/youtubemusic/thread/93085719?hl=en

Thank you for let me know. Is hard to believe that theses days YTM do not support equalization. I am going to research over two options. First Poweramp full with files on the phone folder and second Spotiify with Poweramp equalization. Probably the second is more practical. I don't know how they compete on sound quality.

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