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"Send" functionality does not invove the Android Share interface


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Currently (build 893), invoking the "Send" tool causes it to dispatch a "open-with"  intent, which looks like this:


This is not ideal as tapping Always accidentally will prevent this popup from showing up again, causing all future shares to be routed to the chosen app (Signal in the screenshot above). This is what it ought to look like:


The UI depicted above is Android's built-in share menu.


I'm using build 893 on Android 11.

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What is your phone? On Pixel 4 @ Android 11 I see the Share panel.
(Poweramp uses ACTION_SEND/ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE depending on number of the selected items).

The app can't modify that Just Once/Always behavior, but it can be modified via long pressing app icon / Info / Open by default

There is a room for improvement though for the latest Android - using the Android sharesheet and that will be done in the next build.




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