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(Issue) Music auto plays when hooked up to Android auto Plugged in or Bluetooth also resumes on phone after disconnect

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Just like the title says, only the resume on Bluetooth and wired toggles are both off, I have checked every other connection setting in the Vehicle, Android auto, and Phone Bluetooth settings.

I have narrowed it down to the Responds to Buttons Toggle under Bluetooth/Headset setting that is causing the auto play of music in my vehicle (8" 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL) If I Toggle "Responds to Buttons" off and

start my vehicle Poweramp does not start playing music. Which is what I want. But now the skip song up n down doesn't work on my steering wheel Hence the "Responds to Buttons"

is disabled. is there something I am missing? or is this something that can be or needs to be fixed as it is really annoying and sometimes surprising lol 

There are no Processed Commands if "Responds to Buttons" is off and i start the vehicle and plug in my type C connector

Tried to add Screenshots of the Last Processed Commands when the "Responds to Buttons" Toggle is ON are below but says Max total size: 16.92 kB, I cant do anything with that





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@burnerbob70 We do need to see the Last Processed Commands data from just after playback has auto-started. You should now have a total of 50Mb of attachments space available here (I've just expedited your membership level from the Newly Joined status), or you could just copy and post the text content (using the three-dots menu > Copy to clipboard).


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The command logs you posted show that the Blutetooth device is sending simulated keycode events to your phone, which are being actioned by Poweramp when it receives them. They come in pairs, just as if a human being was pressing a button - an ACTION_DOWN event comes first (i.e. the button has been depressed) normally followed a few milliseconds later by an ACTION_UP event (saying the button has now been released, so it's not a long-press activity).

The most common ones are:
KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY (always starts playback)
KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE (always pauses playback)
KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE (toggle function - this starts playback if it is currently paused, and vice versa)
KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT (go to next track)
KEYCODE_MEDIA_PREVIOUS (go to previous track)
KEYCODE_MEDIA_REWIND (spool backwards, often until a long-press is released)
KEYCODE_MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD (spool forwards, often until a long-press is released)

Note: I believe some devices incorrectly send a KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE event when they want to toggle playback, when they should be sending KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE. Poweramp treats these verbatim and actions them correctly for the command.


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@burnerbob70 It does seem that way. You could tell PA to ignore the commands that it receives from the head-unit, by turning off Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Respond to Buttons, but that would also mean it won't later respond to other commands that you may intend to send (such as pressing steering wheel remote buttons).


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Yeah that's the way I have it now :(  the touchscreen in Vehicle works but the steering wheel doesn't. If I'm on a Long Drive i will switch it but for now ill have to keep it this way. It takes over my streaming stuff if i don't.



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