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Choosing the action of pressing X in Notification


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The default action of pressing the X in the notification tray while a song is playing is for the player to close entirely. With recent version, it seems to only pause the song playing. I want the action to completely exit the player. Is this still possible? If not, can the option be put into the settings?

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I assume by "completely exit the player" you mean that you want the player interface to be fully closed when you use the 'X' button in the Notification, rather than the just the Notification being dismissed? Even if it did, the app wouldn't 'unload' though, it will always remain in readiness unless Android decides to clear it.

To be honest, if the Player interface is showing on the screen anyway, I'm not quite sure why you would go to the bother of dragging down on the status/notification area, then opening the PA notification to its second level, then tapping X - when you could simply press the Pause button that's already on the player screen and tap Back or Home to exit to your home screen.


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@Bry if player is on background, X button also unloads player service. Service is not unloaded if Poweramp UI is visible (as UI obviously uses service) or if Android is connected to the service (such as Android Auto or Wear). Otherwise service is auto-unloaded if idle (paused/stopped) for 5s.

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