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Keith Gainham

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Hi guys, I have a couple of questions and hope you can help. Please forgive me if this is the wrong place for this request.

1: Is there a way to set Poweramp to select the title 'albumart' in a folder as the default album art  for that particular folders music?

2: Is there a way of configuring the back button on my Galaxy Note 9 to return to my folders or to the folder I have just selected to play music from?

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  1. Yes, Poweramp can pick up folder artwork from image files (cover.jpg, folder.jpg, etc) saved within folders. See also Settings > Album Art to fine-tune when/how this is used. You can also cheat a bit and place your own image files into the system folders that PA uses to cache its own downloaded track or album artwork. The folders are Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/ for tracks, and Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/selected_aa/ for albums (note the underscore in the name). Filenames are in the format "%artist% - %title%.jpg" or "%artist% - %album%.jpg", with any special characters replaced by an underscore.  
  2. Settings > Look and Feel > Start at Library. This will cause the Library screen to be the initial Poweramp startup page, and when you press 'Back' in the player screen it will return you to your chosen default Library 'home' view. The specific view can be changed using Menu > List Options from the top library categories screen (or Settings > Library > Lists > Library List Options) and then long-press on any category name to make that the default entry level for the Library.


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