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More comprehensive Backup / Restore for settings and database entries

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There are fairly regular questions in the forums and on Facebook about backing up Poweramp setups for safety, moving to a new phone, or when resetting/reinstalling on the current device. Also for handling playlists, EQ settings, etc.

At the moment, the processes which have built up over time have become is a bit awkward and fragmented across multiple locations: Export Settings, Export Poweramp Playlists, save ratings/playcounts and restore them via a third-party app (or partially via an all-songs playlist), backup/restore artwork by copying the contents of folders in the _com.maxmpz.audioplayer system folder, etc.

It would be a lot easier for all of this to be made available via one command which could handle everything using a single archive zip file as a container, with a simple tickable list to choose which items to include in the process.

Settings > Backup could offer various tickbox choices (with a few calculated warnings about potential size issues for certain options) and allow the user to specify a location and filename for the zip file, or use a system default name based on date/time.

  • Poweramp App Settings
  • Equalizer Adjustments
  • Library List Options
  • Song Ratings
  • Song Play Counts
  • Dates Songs Added
  • Poweramp Internal Playlists (approx xxx Mb)
  • External (file-based) Playlists (approx xxx Mb)
  • Downloaded Album Covers (approx xxx Mb)
  • Downloaded Artist Images (approx xxx Mb)

Settings > Restore would be used to bring saved data back in again, with a similar selection list of items that are only be clickable if they exist in the user's chosen zip file.

If things like EQ/ratings/play counts were saved in a text/xml format, that might help with compatibility with other third-party apps too.


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Add the DB to this list as well, that would cover the ratings that you listed as well as the date added which I find important and I guess quite a lot of people find the last played important.

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2 hours ago, 6b6561 said:

Add the DB to this list as well, that would cover the ratings that you listed as well as the date added 

I've inserted 'Date Added' to the list in my original post. I forgot that one as I never use it - I use filesystem date/time if anything. I think it would probably be better to itemise what people specifically want rather than just exporting/importing the whole database wholesale. Ticking everything ought to have much the same effect as 'import DB' though, but would give a cleaner end result.


58 minutes ago, Bracket said:

Are these the outlines of a new project? What is the aim of your message?

This is just a Feature Request from me, as I'm not the developer. Although I'm an Admin for the forums, I'm still basically just an enthusiastic user of the app like you are, so I have my own thoughts and wishes just like everyone else here. And yes, some of my suggestions go back many years too, so I really don't have any more power than you do. :) :) 


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