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I have got my Music Collection arranged as follows, using Poweramp:

  • The CDs can be seen / heard in their original Albums 
  • I can see / hear them grouped by their composers
  • I can see / hear them grouped in genres - I base this on both instruments, and ensembles, so I can listen to all my Piano Trios - or works where a bassoon is involved.
  • I also group them into their respective label, so, for example, I can play all my CDs on the Hyperion, or cpo labels, for example - there are, in fact very few examples where a 'playlist' then might consist of just one or two entries.

However, it's doesn't seem so easy to pick, say, the Hyperion discs, and then see all of them listed according to their titles. I can see all the separate tracks, but it's not the same as looking through say the Piano Trios genre, and seeing the Album fronts all available for simple inspection.

Equally , because I will put a new CD into its label playlist, once that CD has been copied across from my hard drive, and occasionally I forget to make this extra entry. I know that Poweramp will tell me if I endeavour to add a CD to a playlist to which it has already been added, but I'm just wondering if there is a way to see and have control over the contents of any one Plylist?

Thanking you, in anticipation,

Best wishes!

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Returning to the use of Playlists, I decided to abandon making Playlists using CD Labels, as your 'letters' and labels had many entries, while others had but few entries or appearances.

I appreciate that the idea is to make up you own playlists, perhaps according to you favourites, or those in a particular style, or whatever.

With a large number of CDs on file, is there anyway to produce playlists totally randomly, say limiting each one to a set number of random CDs, or to an approximate time scale?

I don't know if there is a physical limit to how many Playlists PA can accommodate, but I have almost 800 CDs in the collection!

I suppose I could simply use the Shuffle Categories (presumably this shuffles whole CDs at a time, which is what I need, when many works have at least three movements plus. 

If anyone has any ideas on how I can make effective use of the Playlists facility with an essentially Classical-Music-based clooection, I'd be very grateful for ideas or suggestions!

Many thanks!

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I seem to be in a happy position now, having tweaked Poweramp back to what I wanted - and nearly had - when I upgraded my S22 to an S23, but stupidly didn't export/save the settings.

With the aid of the excellent Playlist-Manager app, I can make random playlists to my heart's content!

There is something, I'm sure, mind-blowingly simple to do one little extra things:

Most of my insomnia is caused by not being able to put down my phone in bed! As an avid classical musician, I often can fall asleep while listening to the music on my phone, where the random 200 or so playlists provide more than enough material.

But, is the a simple way to achieve the following:

I might have a look around social media etc, then I'd like to put together a single playlist of chosen CDs I'd like to re-audition, especially some that I might only recently have acquired. I'd only want up to 5 CDs selected, and then keep the playlist, or discard it accordingly?

Any suggestions gratefully received, as ever! 

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@Wolksby  I'm not quite sure I understand what the problem is here? You can indeed create, use, and eventually delete a playlist based on a number of Albums:

Go into the Albums list (or go via Artists, or Composers, etc) and long-press on the album that you want - or a Folder, a specific song, etc, it's up to you. You can add to that selection by ticking more items if you wish. When you're ready, tap '+Playlist' and put the selected item(s) into a new playlist. Or add the item(s) to an existing playlist if you want to build up a bigger selection.

That's it. Keep and listen to that playlist until you're fed up with it, and then delete either the whole playlist or just certain items from it.


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Always remembering that Poweramp does not store any information about "CDs" or "LPs" per se, as the ripped audio files are no longer linked to physical discs. Instead stores tag data such as the Track Title, Track or Album Artist, Album Title, Disc Number within an album (if applicable, which could also be used for sides of a LP if you wanted), etc. If you intend to work with references to specific physical CD media, you'd need to state that within the Title tag, or use Folder browsing and name your folders accordingly.   


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