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Using ADB to allow Equaliser permissions for more audio applications


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@Nguyễn Vũ In which case running that first, then the DUMP command, ought to work. And if not, the web version should work. And you've allowed USB Debugging in the Android Dev Options menu? The DUMP command should then just process and return you to the Command Line prompt (note: there will be no success message in the command line, you can see if it's worked within PA-EQ when you next look in the Settings=>Advanced Player Tracking screen)


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Hi, I can't seem to search through all the comments but is there a way to force add an app to the selection at the bottom? I already did everything else and have given DUMP permissions but many apps I want just don't want to show up on the list.

Maybe there's a way to make an app that's not a music player be categorized as a music player so that Poweramp can detect it?

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I'm trying to use PA-EQ as broadly as possible, across not only music and video players, but also other apps like games, etc.

I've successfully enabled Advanced Player Tracking with the required permissions, and actually see apps like games showing up on the list of recognized players. But no matter what I try, those apps don't actually have their audio processed by PA-EQ.

I'm on a Pixel 8 Pro running Android 14, in case that's relevant. Any ideas what might be wrong, or what else to even look at to troubleshoot?


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I have to give permission to run in background and keep notification on for Poweramp EQ app work after giving dump permission etc here are some of the SS of settings I perform after giving dump permission and last but not least I give a reboot or restart the phone 




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