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Need help backing up Poweramp

Jaded Scorpion

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Hi guys. I have updated my device to Android 11 and now I'm going to reset my phone. Is there anyway I can backup my Poweramp most played list.  I know I can backup Poweramp settings and also playlists with new playlist manager app, but is there anyway I can get back the exact list with most played numbers in Poweramp after resetting my device. As you can see in the screenshot below I have most played songs with over more than 200 times, I don't want that data to be lost. Please anybody give solution for this. Thank you. 

Edit: (My device is not rooted)



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Sorry, there is no way to do that. The new device will treat the songs as newly added items (which they are of course) with no playback history.

You can copy over things like downloaded artwork though by copying the Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer folder. Ratings can be copied either via external app or by exporting all songs to a Playlist file.


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Actually, that's a good thought. Google does the same, it can restore app data from its cloud storage when you re-install an app. Not sure how this affects the song database though, as PA will need to do a rescan based on the new absolute directory path (thus the files will be treated as new) but it's worth a try.


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2 hours ago, Someguyonline said:

Are you using MIUI? (your status bar icons look like MIUI icons). If yes, you can back up data of the apps you want. Go to About Phone > Back up and Restore > choose where to back up > select app data to backup.

Yes..  I'm using Miui. Thanks for the help, but I'm still worried that I may lose most played data. 


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Wanted to add a screenshot
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21 minutes ago, 6b6561 said:

How about @flyingdutchmans Playlist manager? In the thread bellow he wrote "...functionality to my app New Playlist Manager. You can export/reimport ratings and times played...". Is this still working?


Yesss. It says that it can backup times played. I will check the App now. Thanks for your suggestion 👍


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