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Poweramp Songs Duplication Issue


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Hey, i use Poweramp since 2 years now, and 3 days ago i encountered a bug : some of my songs are duplicated (1/3 of all songs)

I tried rescanning but it don't change anything

and if i delete one of the two songs, the other one becomes unplayable

I hope someone has a solution, thank you in advance

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Usually this sort of thing is caused by an SD Card getting renamed by Android, so its existing tracks reappear within a 'new' folder structure. If this is the case, a FULL Rescan in Settings > Library should resolve it by removing any entries which no longer exist.

Another possibility is that you have some unnecessary CUE files in your album folders, where each 'track' in the CUE file points to a different audio file. If so, it's probably best to remove any such files, as PA scans all of its data from the files themselves. CUE files are only necessary when you wish to split one large overarching audio file into smaller playable 'track' chunks. You can also fix this by disabling Settings > Library > Lists > Show CUE Disc Image Files, but unless your files are mis-tagged it's probably better to remove the problem files in the first place rather than just masking it. 

Long-pressing on each of the duplicates in turn and selecting Info/Tags will show you the song file's directory path (including, on the second line, whether a CUE file has been used) for each song. If neither of the above fixes works for you, could you post screenshots of the Info/Tags display for two such duplicated songs.


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