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Album 5 star rating support / Half star support

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The title is pretty self explanatory. I'd like to rate my albums, rather than the individual songs themselves. Coming from a Rateyourmusic background, it just seems more natural to me. While I'm here, half star support would be nice for that perfect integration. This is a really amazing app, the best music player on android probably!

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I have a long time had hard to understand why you would need to rate albums and seen this as some nice to have feature which wouldn't be used. I have started to understand this over time as my library has grown, I have now 700 albums in my library and I'm starting to loose track over the good ones, and I must say that this is something that I would low to have, the luxury to sort albums by rating and hit play.

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The problem is that all of the song attributes which PA uses are just that, song attributes. It doesn't have any real concept of objects such as Albums, Artists, Genres, Years, etc - they are merely groups of items that happen to have similar tags and which are shown in a list layout. Admittedly the Rating concept in this case is not actually based on the file-embedded Popularimeter (POPM) tag, but I guess long-term that's where it ought to come from - and that refers specifically to a song, not to any other grouping element.

Reading and writing POPM tags has been a matter of some discussion for quite a few years now, but that would still only be a song-based solution (maybe album lists could show an average rating based on all the associated songs?):


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Let's not split hairs, as such you are right, a album is just a group of items that shares a common sets of tags but for the majority of users, these are albums. I would guess that there is already a table in the database for these pseudo albums as you are able to sort them by date added so adding a column in the DB for holding a rating is not a big thing.

What requires a lot of work are the changes in the GUI, and enabling album ratings would probably open up another can of worms what comes to requests in this area. A simple first implementation could be as "easy" as:

  • Add a column to the DB for the album rating.
  • Allow user to rate album by long pressing the rating icon on the album cover.
    • Short press - rate track.
    • Long press - rate album.
  • Add rating as sort option to the album categories in the library.

And after this see what comes out of the famous can.

So I see "album" ratings as a realistic and feasible request that I second.

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