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Add an option to reset shuffle to 'Off' when queuing songs manually


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Hi ! First of all, great app, I was impressed with the overall UX and customization, so congrats on that !

My feature request comes from my way of using a music player, which I got from the iPod classic. Most of the time when opening the app to listen to music, I will either :

- Hit 'Shuffle all' in the 'All songs' category (a.k.a the original Shuffle all from the iPod), when I'm on the go and don't really know what to listen to

- Browse to a specific album and start the first song of the album, often because I was listening to my 'Shuffle all' and a song made me want to listen to the full album from start to finish. 100% of the time, I want to listen to the album in the unshuffled, normal order.

The issue I have with this is that I'm constantly switching between the two use cases above (i.e. between the two shuffle modes, 'Off' and 'All').

I have to 'monitor' the state of the shuffle by remembering to long press/multiple press the shuffle button to turn shuffle off, every single time I go to listen to an album. This is frustrating and I often forget.

Here's the proposed fix :

- Add an option in the Library category to always reset the state of shuffle to 'Off' when I manually select a song to play.

   - When I click on the 'Shuffle all' button at the top left of a category, the app switches me to 'Shuffle all' mode, as is the case now.

   - When I click on a specific track by browsing inside a category, the app resets me to 'Shuffle off' mode. (New behavior)

Depending on how your code is architected this may or may not be straightforward to implement, but it would make my experience way better, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this use case, coming from an iPod classic with a large music library.

If this feature is already implemented and I'm blind, please let me know !

Thank you for your time, I'm looking forward to future improvements in the app.



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Just use the Queue. When you want to listen to a specific song or songs, album, folder, etc just long press on its title and tap ">> Queue".

When the queued items are finished, normal playback will resume wherever it left off, still using the original shuffle mode.

Oh, and make sure Settings > Library > Queue > Ignore Shuffle is turned on, otherwise your nice new queued items will get shuffled too.


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