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Choose Metadata Field for Year

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The "Years" browsing section is great but would it be possible to pick the field it is based off of? I like to use the Musicbrainz Picard software to tag my files and that uses the 'Date' field as when the specific version of the album was released and another field called 'OriginalYear' to indicate when an album was first released. I quite like that setup and have configured foobar on my desktop to handle it well, was wondering how difficult of an ask that would be for Poweramp.  The same could be applied to the date field that Poweramp uses for the date sort order when looking at an artist's albums.


Thanks for taking the time to read

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Date encoding gets rather complicated when you get to ID3 v2.3 and 2.4 tagging (and then there's Vorbis, APE, etc too). There was a recent thread discussing extended dates:

Basically though, Poweramp follows the overwhelming consensus among most applications in that the original ID3 v2.3 TYER tag should be used (which can be extended beyond its first four digits to allow for more details YYYY-MM-DD encoding). PA does not use any of the other increasingly convoluted tags such as TDAT (date, DDMM), TIME (time), TORY (original release year), TRDA (recording date), TDRC (recording date in full), TDRL (release date in full), TDOR (original release date in full).

So whichever year value you want PA to use, make sure it is saved in the TYER tag regardless of what content you may place in other tags too.


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I'm a Picard user too (and the idea for my topic came from that) and as far I can tell Picard operates with TYER, TDAT, TORY e TDOR. Even though the date field is displayed as a single field in the UI, when a date in the form of YYYY-MM-DD is inserted then the TYER and TDAT tag are set accordingly (instead of saving the full date in TYER). My suggestion for the implementation in Poweramp is to let the user choose which field to use (with some sort of fallback to TYER when the selected tag is not available) with a specific setting entry (leaving the current behavior as the default one) or to let him create some sort of priority list (basically a fallback list) like:

  1. TDOR
  2. TORY
  4. TYER

I'm still of the idea that TYER in the form of YYYY-MM-DD and TYER+TDAT should be implemented as a default behavior, but this TDOR/TORY can be a nice addition too.

Just as an example mpd, an incredibly popular application (at least in the Free and Open Source world), supports TYER+TDAT by default.

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