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Choose to sort by artist then title, instead of artist then album

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Currently, I have my All Songs list sorted by artist, however, I would prefer for it to be sorted by artist and then title.  Right now, there doesn't seem to be the option to sort by artist and then title, only artist and then album, causing my music player on my PC and on my phone to have a different sorting order.  This is mostly solved by searching, but it still bothers me, and it seems like a simple option to add.  Could you add this?

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I suspect it would be helpful to have a few extra options in the All Songs sort list - such as your requested "Artist>Album>Title".

Or to keep the list contents manageable, perhaps some sort of flexible user-defined sorting option using %field% descriptors - e.g. something like "%artist% %year% %album% %disc% %track%", or your "%artist% %title%".


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