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Calculating the music duration too wrong (by quite a bit) [nubia red magic 5g]


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the issue is that a song that is only 175 seconds is showing up as 2634 seconds, it is being counted in songs and the minutes are added, i tried deleting the song and putting it again, same issue. pic attached.


  • build 893-arm-play[893004-dd1054bc] 64 bit
  • device is nubia red magic 5 g
  • android 10
  • no root, red magic os (device stock)
  • a song that i put on the device show up as 2634 seconds when it is actually only 175 seconds (02:55 is showing as 43:54 instead)


this isn't a major bug but its annoying as a small music bit a showing up way too big, making seeking hard.




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Probably the embedded duration metadata in the file is faulty. Poweramp uses any internally saved duration data by default, or otherwise tries to calculate the length based on the file size and sample bitrate (which can be a hit-or-miss with some VBR files). It's probably fixable, but the file is AAC (Apple's audio format) so you'd need to find a suitable program to do it.


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