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More than 1 artist entry for same artist


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I tried to search as I am sure I can't be the only one, but was able to find anything with keywords I put in.

So if someone can point me in the right direction.

On Android Phone, Poweramp build 893.arm64-play [893004-dd1054bc] Full version 64 bit

I have 3 artists who have more than 1 album and all are in the correct folders except for 1 album each.  There is a separate second entry for 1 album and in the attached picture only half of the album in separate and the other is in the right folder.

I have checked the files and all are identical. All have same contributing artist and numbered and the same in details.

I have tried to re-name, remove and do a full rescan and then re-add back do an additional scan and always seems to come back the same way.

in attached example I thought there may be a ; in the text but I verified same as the other albums and I am assuming the ; is due to the same artist name?

In the below pic there are 5 "Songs" but there are 3 from the same album in the above that shows 84 entries. 

Has this happened to others and is there a fix?


Thank You, 


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Yes, you are correct that the Artist embedded tag (and/or the Album Artist tag too) has presumably somehow got a semicolon appended to it in five of the song files. You could use a batch tag editor, but as there are so few files the easiest solution would be to edit the tags song-by-song inside Poweramp.

Drill down into the songs list for the incorrect artist (the one with the semicolon in his name) and long-press on the first song title. Select 'Info/Tags' from the menu. At the bottom of the resulting info screen you'll see an 'Edit tags' button which will take you to the editor screen. Correct the Artist and (if necessary) the Album Artist lines and tap 'Save'. Repeat for the other mislabelled songs.


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